I have been capturing images for more than 50 years. I have become proficient enough as a photographer and printer to consider myself an artist with my best images qualifying as an art form.

More than fifteen years ago I switched from film to digital capture. The images are captured as raw digital files, processed in Adobe Lightroom and/or Photoshop and printed on paper or aluminum sheets using a professional quality ink jet printer. This change from film to digital has allowed me to better control all aspects of creating the final image – capturing, processing, printing and presentation.

This summer I am introducing a new collection of images that I print onto specially treated sheets of aluminum using an Epson ink jet printer. I call these unique images - Alumages or “images on aluminum.” My Alumage prints will be on display at one of Southern California’s premier fine art shows, the Art-A-Fair of Laguna Beach during the months of July and August.

By controlling all of the steps necessary to create the final image, I am able to duplicate what my “mind’s eye” envisioned at the time of capture.

I trust that your “mind’s eye” will enjoy my images as well.

Donald Earhart / artist-photographer

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